How To Systematically Attract High Value Advisory Clients Every Month... (Without Selling)


Richard Petrie - Author, Speaker, Trainer

...and Creator of the"FISH METHOD" - A Proven Client Attraction System For Accountants

Former International Cricketer, Richard has been helping accountants around the world for over 12 years by sharing his experience on how to attract leads and convert them into high paying advisory clients.  

Richard is the author of What To Do If Your Marketing Sucks and is regularly sought after as a guest speaker at corporate events.  

Richard has spent years studying the psychology of how and why people buy and in this webinar he will show you exactly what works and why.  

You will love what he has to say.  

All Attendees Will Be Sent A PDF Copy Of Richard's Book - What To Do If Your Marketing Sucks!


Darren is a highly respected sales mentor and coach in the accounting industry who helps accountants scale by becoming more automated.

In 2014/15/16, Darren worked inside what was the fastest growing accounting firm in Australasia (at the time) as their Head Of Sales & Marketing. Darren links this success back to implementing what he learned from Richard.

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