I’ve just finished my first one on one Private Training Session in three years… maybe longer!

I used to be quite an athlete in my day but always hated training. I trained because I had to. If I didn’t train I didn’t make the team and obviously would not have had the rather fortunate rugby life I did.

I manage to play a little bit of 1st class rugby, represented both Wairarapa Bush in my younger days and Wellington in during my senior career and even managed to play an offseason in the US. My main highlights being two years as a guest player for the Wellington Maori team and winning a Jubilee cup in 1996 when rugby first went professional.

But back to training… I loathed running and when I say loathed, I mean bored to tears, completely disinterested and bordering on a phobia of running long distances for rugby fitness.

I just wanted to play and cause some damage out there on the field!

But the reality was I didn’t get to play unless I trained or if I did get to play it would have been for the lower grade teams in a poor quality competition!

Much like myself above or the gym goer who avoids leg day, I see a lot of accountants avoiding fundamental parts of their business as well. Not just small non essential tasks, but big, meaningful and sometimes critical tasks that can cause a firm to stagnate in the ‘Poor Quality Competition’.

Most often the biggest “Leg Day” scenarios for accountants are – Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Networking!

Much like me as the rugby player, a lot of accountants just enjoy the accounting part or the advisory part and avoid the above areas like… well, like it’s legs day!

This is why I also had a personal trainer and a coach in my day and why I still use one now at age 50!

Can I go to the gym myself… yes!

Do I understand some of the core elements that need to be done … yes!

Do I do them?? Not always and never to the level required.

The reality is I enjoy having someone keeping me honest, making sure I am doing things right, pushing me to do more, encouraging me to work on areas that need it the most and most of all… ensuring I do my leg day!

This is why it is important to do the things you dislike, because most likely they are things that will make you successful.

You may not like marketing or maybe you have dabbled here and there but found it didn’t work for you… which is like going to the gym for 3 sessions and saying it didn’t work.

You may say you dislike sales, but sales are an integral part of bringing on new clients… so your relationship with the word ‘sales’ needs to change.

You may not like networking, but to sell advisory you need to understand people and find a way to “mingle” and talk with strangers in a way that makes them want to see you again.

One of the most common phrases we used while taking RightWay from a team of 18 to 80 over 24 months was “Test and Amend”. We tried things and made changes, tried again and made changes and we did this often until we found what worked for us. When it came to marketing we were relentless!

So, what ever your Leg Day is, please don’t ignore it.

Find a way to make it work for you and find a way to make it enjoyable, because no one likes skinny legs!