Checking in from Bassano Del Grappa right now. The home of Grappa (clearly)! My wife’s grandparents comes from this part of the world so quite a meaningful visit for her.

We just got in from Venice where we enjoyed an incredible meal, not just because of the tastes and service but also how they attracted us in.

You see, we walked past this little back alley and found this place was alive with huge energy and just had to check it out.

As per usual we stopped out the front and started looking at the menu when suddenly we were both handed a small plate of gnocchi with a small glass of Sangria while we read the menu… needless to say the taste was awesome and before I knew it I was booking a Table for Two!

When we came back a few hours later for our meal we were again treated with the same tasty morsels although it was a vegetable risotto this time!

We then proceeded to have a wonderfully tasty meal in a high energy place surrounded by other travellers who were loving the atmosphere.

When it came to dessert we were given a “free” one (despite having already ordered the Nutella Flan) because it was hand made by the mother of the owner apparently and then we were given a bag of uncooked pasta to take home as well as a small bottle of red wine.

As we were leaving we were given a card to log into TripAdvisor and give them a rating.

Wow!! Never have I seen a better example of client attraction, quality service and referral generation in the bricks and mortar world.

Let’s recap it:

The tasty treats outside was their Monkeys Fist

The quality food inside and fast service was their brand and delivering on what they promised in the Monkeys Fist

The story of his mothers cooking was the connecting story that made you go awww!!

The give-aways at the end were a thanks for coming and here is a reason to come back.

The trip advisor was them asking for a referral.

I have to say I loved this and although they tended to rush you in and out at a quick pace… I didn’t care. Neither did my wife!

In fact I was so impressed with their technique I forgot to snap a shot of us having fun there! Whoops!! Haha

But here is one of the team outside keeping the bait warm!!