Lead Magnets, Click Bait, Sales Funnels, Lead Nurturing, Content Marketing, Blogs, Vlogs, Message Bots… by now you have either heard of them, seen them or possibly even tried them.

While traditionally the accounting industry has been known to have a high percentage of “Laggers” when it comes to new technology, we see that trend changing as the next generation come through.

Some say digital marketing and inbound lead generation is too “salesy” and that email follow up is too pushy and spammy… but the reality is totally the opposite.

These statements remind me of my boss back in 2008 telling me that my i-phone was a piece of junk and I should get a blackberry because it was far better… a year later the entire company was using i-phones.

But do all lead magnets work? Nope.
Do all email nurturing funnels work? Nope.
Do all Facebook adverts work? Nope.

The reality is, What DOESN’T Work is poor lead magnets/click bait and terrible lead nurturing and follow up content.

Here is a list of 5 top mistakes we see companies making when using these systems: (There are many more)

The lead magnet doesn’t solve an immediate problem
The lead magnet is hard to read and digest
The lead magnet is too generic (Niche always works better)
The lead nurturing is not relevant and again too boring
The lead nurturing is to salesy

So how do we solve this?

Well the reason the sales cycle is called a sales cycle is because there is a specific buying cycle that your market go through.

Here is a high level guide:

5% may be ready to buy now and are actively looking.
20% may be researching
75% are not even considering looking…yet!

Almost everyone in your industry is chasing the 5% and all advertise the exact same way. They push what they do, how good they are, how long they’ve been doing it and how great their clients think they are… it’s all me me me!. Where, in all their marketing do they address a specific problem concerning the client? – Nowhere!

By promoting and advertising what you do, all you are doing is placing yourself into the same large pond as your competitors which leaves your prospects with price as the point of difference… I think we all know what happens there right?

So what to do instead? Here is a short reminder… very short.

Target a niche (You can do multiple niches)
Uncover what the biggest problems are for that niche
Ask that niche if they would like to know how to fix the problem
Offer them a resource showing how (One page works best)
Follow up with more free advice that is relevant or useful or at least entertaining)
Every now and then reach out
Keep asking questions

Now…if your lead magnet or click bait was offering a possible solution to their problem in the early stages, would they be interested? Hell yes they would!

Would they think your lead magnet was too salesy or cringy? I doubt it very much.

They are more likely to be thinking that this is great because someone out there understands their business. Queue the “You had me at hello” moment!

The reality is, lead magnets and follow up emails are only ‘cringy’ or too salesy when the content is boring and unhelpful.

So now all you have to do is follow up the initial gem with some more helpful advice… but more on that another day.

Okay so that’s it from us… when using lead magnets or click baits, you must be offering a quick or easy to understand solution to their problem.