Ever bet the business?

Silly question on a site that has predominately accountants. I assume the answer is no.

I started my business may 15th 1995 on an idea that was a bit crazy. I was not an accountant but has I would say after a business tragedy a need to create something really special for businesses in trouble. I had a strong understanding of double entry, I had a belief that everyone in business should have a chance and wanted to sell a service that stopped what happened to me and my family happening to others.

The usual grind occured. I worked long hours carrying a 4DX computer from client to client and working with them. My first marketing was a mail out to the hospitality industry, that’s where I came from so I could talk their language. The belief that I could keep going and maybe achieve something is that I had completed a NEIS course and I was at least “armed” with a bit of a plan. That helped get me over the first hurdle, which as much as anything was finding a belief in myself again.

The letters went out to prospects in the hospitality industry, people responded – I told them what had happened to me, they didn’t care they wanted my help. I could pay my rent, feed my family and keep spending money on these letters, written and printed on my dodgy printer but it was working. Something of a business with regular clients was forming. I brought a new printer.

I reached a point after a couple of years where I had an office, I had staff and was progressing. I had moved from hospitality to include other businesses when a client asked me to help him with a plastic injection moulding shop. It was the same, figure out the costs, work the margins and plan for the client.

But after 3 years I was hungry to grow. Really hungry. I went to a radio sales presentation and was learning about talking to a bigger market.

I wanted to grow so I bet the business.

Lots of risk was involved, the radio station creative team change our business name to Your Business Angels – told me that the original name “All Profit Solutions” stank, they made me work hard for a couple of years on the mind shelf line of “Repair the past, rescue the future” and then gave me a quote for radio advertising that was more than 80% of my turnover.

I was betting the business.

It worked or it didn’t and financially I faced another “check mate”. But with great creative, making sure every call was followed, using all the cash management skills we had we got through that first year. The bet had paid off. The rest is history, so to speak,

Until now.

It’s not that I want another company to “do” digital marketing or anything. I was looking for new ideas, or someone to “state the bleeding obvious” but have a logical process that would get our business to grow quickly again.

My partner and I have been lost in a development program getting a new accounting product build, and I certainly wanted to keep our current business driving forward. Hey we have grown, but again, I wanted to push what we do harder. Our own product we developed meant that we have now high retention of clients – so let’s go.

And across Facebook I saw the ad from these guys. And the fee………

I wasn’t betting the business.

I may have been taking a bit of a punt like you all, but I signed up, and off course was hopping that I would get a bit out of it.

I take a bit of pride in what I have grown and what I know. We are an accounting and business service that has made a bit of a mark, especially with the clients others don’t want, but I can say that signing on for ARMED – a range of clever, smart, tactical, strategic, bleeding obvious, strange, obvious and all encompassing ways to grow our business (again) has added up to a great ROI.

1.75%* cost against return with these guys. OK, we have a new accounting system and platform, we keep pumping radio but its all in the pool together.

Darren and Richard have a rather – what appears to be – laid back style, but if you are hungry, follow through on what they offer, keep the goal of servicing your client well (for more of course) you can really gear up your business.

Over the years as I developed this business I have had great mentors, encouragement from wonderful people like my father and many others, and now these 2 vowel deprived gentlemen are making a wonderful impact on our business.

Thanks (fsh and chps) Guys

*And we have only done the first module –